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  • The Bearded Baker Toronto Cookies little boy eating cookies


    "I have some very fond memories of growing up eating my mom's chocolate chip cookies. She baked them every few weeks. And when they were cooled she'd put them in one of those round metal cookie tins. After school, I would devour them while sitting at the kitchen table or standing at the counter, milk in one hand and grabbing cookies with the other. I probably ate way more than I should have but somehow I never got in trouble for eating more than my share...


    My mom had Alzheimer's and passed away in 2019. I resurrected her recipe at that time to sell to friends and family to raise a bit of money for the Alzheimer's Society in her honour. The response was overwhelmingly positive (obviously) and it got me thinking that maybe now was the time to get these cookies into the mouths of the masses! So here we are. The Bearded Baker was born and my mom's cookie recipe (plus a few of my own) lives on. p.s. the pan in this picture was her's and I still use it at least once a day.

  • LOVE.

    My mom loved to bake. Not so much for the actual baking or because she loved bake goods, but because she loved giving people a little treat made with love. That's the embodiment of these cookies today. It's cliche to say they're made with love, but there is a love of sharing them with all of my customers, and hopefully you'll love them too.

  • FRESH.

    All the cookies, Beasts, and other treats are made to order. That means they are made just for you. So they aren't sitting around all day or from yesterday's leftovers. They are made, packaged and delivered directly to you or to wherever you'd like them to go. Gotta love that.