About Us

The Story.

Growing up, I used to love those days when my mom would bake chocolate chip cookies. She was always baking or cooking it seemed. But those chocolate chip cookies were by far my fave thing to come out of that kitchen. When they were cooled she would put them in one of those round metal tins that those Christmas shortbread cookies come in that she had saved. I would raid that cookie tin whenever I could and sit there with a glass of milk (or the whole bag) and eat away until I figured I'd get in trouble for eating any more.

And everyone loved these cookies. It wasn't just me. People told her regularly she should sell them. But my mom wasn't a business person. She was just someone who wanted to make things for people to make them happy and to enjoy.

She passed away in 2019, and I revived the cookie recipe to give to friends and family to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. Everyone loved them but I wasn't thinking anything ahead of that.

Fast forward to 2020 and the whole world was baking. I was out of work due to the pandemic and with nothing but time on my hands I decided to start baking as well. And of course, the first thing to come out was those chocolate chip cookies. Again, friends and family wanted more and people were now suggesting I should start selling them. So after procuring some kitchen space, the Bearded Baker was launched! A few more delicious recipes later and I now have a selection of cookies and treats for you to try.

The Goal.

The goal I have is simple. To make cookies and treats that give you the feeling of sitting at that kitchen table, raiding that cookie tin and blissfully enjoying each bite. And I hope I can make you feel a little of that love that my mom would put into each batch of these cookies or anything else she made. Knowing that, would make me happy.