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Captain Plain Dwayne

Captain Plain Dwayne

And it's pronounced Cap-tayne...otherwise what's the point? Our OG cookie dough and nothing but the OG cookie dough. Plain is beautiful, man.

Allergy Alert: contains wheat, dairy, and eggs. May have come in contact with nut products. 

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Felicia Laplume
Don’t pass on this because it’s plain!

So here is the thing. I love cookies with nothing in them. I always have. So this was my go to. I’m so glad it was. Soft and sweet but not too sweet. These are a lovely cookie flavour profile and plain yes but boring, nope. This won’t be for everyone but definitely try it. This was my favourite because sometimes the cookie. Without the added stuff is also really nice too. Try it, before you pass on it.

The More You Know...


All of our cookies, beasts and other treats are made to order. That means the order you get was made fresh and sent directly to you!

Allergy Alert

All our cookies and treats contain wheat, dairy, and eggs. Our facility is not nut-free and therefore products may come in contact with nuts and/or nut products.