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Be Still My Butter Tart

Be Still My Butter Tart

Butter tarts = delicious. Cookies = delicious. Butter Tart cookies = deliciouser. We aren't going to get into the whole raisin debate so we made them available with raisins, or with pecans, or just plain. But all of them have delicious butter tart filling glaze that will make you dream all the butter tart dreams cuz I can't be the only one who dreams of butter tarts. Choose 12 pack or 6 pack… but choose 'em.

Allergy Alert: contains wheat, dairy, and eggs. May have come in contact with nut products. 

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Meghan Hickey
All the right ingredients

I can not stress enough that if you love buttertarts you need this cookie in your life, thats all the explanation needed. Raisins and all! If cookies were a drug, this bad boy is my heroine!


My partner loves butter tarts. So these were right up his ally. He loved them. He said all the right butter tart flavours were there. They were also soft and nice to chew. He liked the refreshing use of raisins.

The More You Know...


All of our cookies, beasts and other treats are made to order. That means the order you get was made fresh and sent directly to you!

Allergy Alert

All our cookies and treats contain wheat, dairy, and eggs. Our facility is not nut-free and therefore products may come in contact with nuts and/or nut products.